Celebrate Halloween 2020 Style

Halloween may look different this year. Just because things are different doesn't mean our little and big kids can't enjoy this day. When my kids were younger, we didn't do door to door trick or treating. Dusting off my mommy bloggers years and giving you some fun way to enjoy this Halloween season and stay safe.

  • Decorate! The best way to get in the mood is to decorate. Let's have the kids decided how they would like to decorate. I know it may get crazy but you know how to reel them in. Once you get the decorations, have them decorate while playing age-appropriate Halloween music

  • Host a virtual party. At this point in quarantine, we're all pros at hosting virtual get-togethers. Pour a drink, put on a costume, and invite all your friends to a Halloween FaceTime or Zoom party

  • The perfect Halloween craft is one that's just as festive on October 31 as it is come Thanksgiving (that way, you can make the craft on one holiday and use it as a decoration on the next). Fortunately, there are a ton of crafts that fall into this category, such as these paint-splattered pumpkins. Simply paint pumpkins a solid color and then splatter a different color over it using a toothbrush.

  • Who said you can't play with your food. DIY cookies kits and cake pop kit are very popular now and will keep your little ones and big ones busy. We are currently offering DIY Halloween inspired cookie kits for pick up this year.

  • Watch a Halloween movie or special There's no more classic activity than watching a Halloween-themed movie or show with some good popcorn.

No matter what you decided, you know what is best for your family! Enjoy your day and have fun.

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